Success Stories

“Feeling trapped and thoroughly dissatisfied with my work and life, I decided that I was in desperate need of a change in career that would allow me to develop professionally and personally. However, the prospect of change was daunting as I had been in the same line of work for many years. Within a few short sessions, Lynne had skilfully helped me to:

- identify my strengths and weaknesses
- identify transferable skills
- open my eyes to new possibilities
- clarify my thinking in terms of future career paths
- unlock the means to achieve my goals
- find the confidence I needed to make the leap to a more promising future

Besides being a very skilful, intuitive and effective life coach, Lynne brings with her a rich tapestry of knowledge and experiences which she generously shares with clients in helping them to take their next big steps. She is a very giving mentor with a genuine interest in helping people to succeed; she provides a safe pair of hands to guide people to brighter future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynne to anyone who wants to fulfil their life and career aims and I thank her for everything she has done for me.”
— Teacher
Lynne helped me work through my priorities during a time when I was transitioning between jobs. I wanted some space to consider my options and approach an upcoming job search with clarity and energy.

As my career coach, she guided me through a process of self-analysis, helping me to build a comprehensive picture of my strengths, priorities and ambitions. She focused on my career but always incorporated a broader view of my personal priorities and life goals. Our career coaching sessions ended with some really tangible actions, which have enabled me to take the high level conclusions from the sessions and build them directly into the process of job hunting.

My meetings with Lynne were both stimulating and great fun. I’d thoroughly recommend her as a career coach to anyone looking for clarity on their next careers steps.
— Senior Internal Communications Manager

It was a reassuring and comforting experience to meet Lynne during my job search. She’s a lovely, kind and compassionate career caoch who goes way beyond what most would for her clients. I think her secret is that she really listens, because she believes in long-term solutions instead of quick fixes. I’m truly grateful for her encouraging support.
— Head of Internal Communications

“Faced with a ten month career break and massive amounts of insecurity, Lynne has provided me with the necessary guidance and tools to get back on track. Following a half day combined career coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy session, I now have a set techniques and tools which Lynne has skilfully tailored to my needs. What’s truly amazing, is how she was able to dig deep to understand what was holding me back and what I needed to remember if I was going to move forward. Bringing these insights together, she created and sent me a 30 minute bespoke MP3 hypnosis track which has helped me to overcome self doubt and anxiety. On a personal level, Lynne is a fantastic listener, she is extremely empathetic and takes a genuine interest in her clients success and well-being. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynne to anyone who wants to achieve personal and career fulfilment.”
— Communications Director

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