Interview Coaching

The job interview. It’s one of people’s biggest fears (behind death and public speaking) yet it has to be done if you want the job. So why not swap the dread and anxiety for cool, calm confidence? Yes, you can do that – and I can help.

Interviewees worry about all sorts of things going wrong during their interview. That they’ll be too tongue-tied with nerves to speak. They’ll get brain freeze and forget everything they wanted to say. They’ll blurt out something stupid... sweat too much... go red...

Then there are some interviewees who just don’t make the most of the interview opportunity. Perhaps they haven’t done enough preparation and find themselves winging it. Or maybe they’ve neglected small but important issues like what to wear or how to conduct themselves.

Even seasoned interviewees who are well prepared are finding selection procedures increasingly demanding and need some extra help to turn themselves into a winning candidate.

Get set for success

In our interview coaching session I’ll cover everything you need to help you make the best of your interview. I’ll help you to...

  • Think like an interviewer and understand the importance of having credible evidence to support your skills and qualifications.
  • Gain control of your nerves
  • Build your interview confidence to get you into the right mind set before you step into the interview room.
  • Discover your interview ‘blocks’ – and work on them to release them
  • Feel at ease – and make your interviewer feel comfortable, too!

An interview coaching session lasts 90 minutes.

Ready to make an impression in your next interview?

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I can also help you if you have to interview others and have been given no training to do this (very common) and would like to improve your skills.