CV Advice

Fed up with sending off your CV to prospective employers and not hearing back? Can’t figure out why your CV isn’t getting people falling over themselves to interview you? Or maybe you know your CV is a little lacklustre but don’t know how to improve it?

As an ex-recruitment consultant and employer I’ve read through thousands of CVs – the good, the bad and the plain weird! – and I know just what employers and recruiters are looking for. And that can be very different from what you might think.

Perhaps you’ve tried to pack so much into your CV your true talent has got hidden. Maybe you’ve succumbed to the kind of generic waffle that says nothing about the real you. Or did you try to be (annoyingly) quirky in an effort to stand out?

Let me help you sort out your CV so that it makes employers sit up and take notice. Whether your CV just needs a few simple tweaks or a major revamp, I can give you tips and guidance to ensure your CV moves out of the ‘Reject’ pile to the ‘Must See’ list.

If you’re struggling to get interviews with your CV or would like to get your CV ready for a job search, please give me a call on 07887 992 979 or email