Career Coaching

During your working life, it’s normal to feel very differently about your career at different times. At high points you might feel excited, energised and inspired. At low points you may feed ground down by boredom or disenchanted, disillusioned and stuck. For those dealing with redundancy or other life changes not of their choosing, there could be feelings of uncertainty and fear.

When your career isn’t going the way you would like, it can destroy your confidence, sap your energy and impact negatively on your health and relationships. That’s why it’s so important to get your career back on the right path.

As your career coach I will be your ‘critical friend’ using a counselling approach to help you find your own solutions. We will explore the best options for you and you may find the sessions fun and life-affirming. It will be a very therapeutic process as you’ll have time to focus on yourself and get back in touch with what makes you happy at work.

Our sessions together will be a collaborative effort. This is very unlike career advice you may have experienced in the past – I will not ‘tell’ you what job you can and can’t do for example. As your career coach, I’m there to encourage and guide you to your own conclusions.

5 Steps to Career Enlightenment

You will probably get the most benefit out of a series of five career coaching sessions (you can always come back for more if you think you need it). This gives us chance to work through a set of stages, each with a clear objective to get you moving forward.  I can be flexible and coach you in fewer sessions if you prefer but the recommended course is to work together over five.


Our first session will focus on uncovering your issue(s) and agreeing what you want to achieve with our work. Of course this may change as the sessions go on – and there is total flexibility to work on another issue if you wish to.


We’ll do some more delving so you can gain more understanding about yourself – about your background, your skills and what satisfies you. I’ll be setting you insight exercises – either to do in the session or at home – to help you discover what’s important to you and also perhaps to find out what’s missing.


This session will solidify what you have learnt so far and help us to put together a ‘career blueprint’. This will be your go-to document that clearly sets out what makes you happy in your career and will help you to pinpoint any areas that may need to change.


Now we work on brainstorming ideas to get you moving! Again, there’ll be plenty of exercises to help you work out what direction to take.


Think of this session as mobilising you for action! We’ll look at any blocks that might be preventing you from making changes, plans that you need to make and what resources you need to help you.

By the end of our sessions, you should feel inspired, energised and confident about taking control of your career again.

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